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     Develop process control, communications, and data acquisition/analysis/display
    software for Windows platforms. Develop systems for automation and power generation.
    Develop educational and entertaining software. Be part of a cohesive and focused team
    that provides useful and enabling tools to industry and the public.

Awards and Certifications

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Software Developer Skills


     I have been programming computers and programmable devices since 1984.
    My primary training was as an electronics technician specializing in data
    acquisition systems, which I have studied in depth. I have created numerous
    applications and devices over the last 25 years.
    10/08 – 02/11           Software Developer
                            Superior Labels, Inc.
                            Bettendorf, IA
                            Supervisor : Scott Lee
        Developed .NET class libraries, Windows Communications Foundation services,
        Windows Presentation Foundation and ASP pages, as well as .NET Forms based
        database driven applications to support online services provided by the company.
        The application is presented using VisualBasic.NET and Javascript. The back-end
        is SQL Server 2008, and the production applications are .NET Forms applications,
        using data access from .NET and the Enterprise Library. The class library exposes
        a VB6 to .NET interface and creates graphics using both GDI and GDI+ (.NET) through
        the standard Windows Interop system. The interface used is the Component Object Model
        (COM) available in Windows.
    10/00 - present         Computer Programer/Technician/Software Developer
                                             jinzai studio
                            Silvis, IL / Front Royal, VA

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         I contract Windows programming, systems design and upgrade/repair and Internet
        programming. I also pursue 3D programming using DarkBASIC Professional, a very
        capable DirectX 9.0C programming language. I have written numerous plug-in DLLs
        in VisualC++, most notably to incorporate the Open Source API, ImageMagick++,
        and to allow use of Nintendo Wiimote controllers using HID and Bluetooth. I have
        also written a data acquisition and display application using Dallas 1-Wire devices,
        which incorporates an FTP interface to NOAA image data. Additionally, I have written
        code that can process GIS DTED data to provide accurate heightmaps for terrain generation
        based on actual satellite and space shuttle data. I am currently developing a telemetry
        system for use in medium power rockets using Parallax Propeller microcontrollers.
        This is my personal website written in ASP.NET 3.5 and driven by a SQL Server 2008 database.
        It was brought online December 30, 2011 and includes some of the following examples of my work:
        XML Web Services – National Weather Service information for Front Royal, VA.
        XML Web Services with JSON in an ASP User Control implemented in client side Javascript.
        ASP User Control implemented in client side Javascript using custom HTML controls.
        SQL data services used throughout.
        RSS feed reader and partially implemented feed generator for registered users and custom
         XML file for storing favorite feeds. This also uses Linq to XML.
        C# DLL for BOSH/XMPP chat – not available at this time – in work. Implementation of client side
         is through Javascript.
        Javascript embedded directly in ASP table for retrieval of BrainyQuote information.
        Partial postbacks through Update Panels.
    5/95 - 10/00            SOFTWARE DEVELOPER/LEAD PROGRAMMER
                            Mehta Tech, Inc.
                            Eldridge, IA
                            Supervisor:Thompson Adu (319)285-9151 ext 33
                            Other references: Jim Siem, Tony Ranson, Dave Krohn, Harish Mehta
        MTI manufactures data acquisition systems for electric utilities.
        I wrote RS-232 and network code, the data acquisition device
        configuration utilities, and display and analysis code.
        I wrote code for them at all levels, including:
            - BIOS level code, including BIOS engineering
            - 16 and 32-bit DLLs
            - ActiveX Controls
            - Proprietary hardware level network protocol
            - 16 and 32-bit Applications (Microsoft Foundation Class)
            - Office 97 Automation for data conversion
        In my role as Lead Programmer, it was my responsibility to keep
        the other programmers in the department productive. I also
        worked with my supervisor and other department heads establishing
        MTI's overall software direction. I was the technology lead in
        all aspects of Windows, and embedded DOS projects at MTI, and
        handled tech support calls with new products for three years.
    9/93 - 6/94             SYSTEM TEST TECHNICIAN
                            Mehta Tech, Inc.
                            Eldridge, IA
        I was responsible for testing, configuring, calibrating, repairing and
        documenting multiple channel rack mounted industrial data acquisition
        systems prior to delivery to the customer.
                            General Electric Government Services
                            P.O. Box 31325
                            Honolulu, HI 96820
                            Supervisor:Howard Isono
        SURTASS is a Navy program that provides passive sonar data to
        shore facilities. I stood watch, maintained all communications
        systems, various bridge equipment, the array subsystem, and was
        Cryptographic Material Custodian. During this time, I developed
        an RS-232 to MIL-188 data converter as well as software to use
        the system for all teletype communications using an IBM-PC.
    9/87 - 12/88            FIELD SERVICE TECHNICIAN
                            General Electric Government Services
                            P.O. Box 5902
                            Virginia Beach, VA
                            Supervisor:Gerald Berube
        GE had a contract to build, test and install 8 AN/UQQ-2 systems.
        This was done at a Land Based Test Site in Virginia Beach, VA and
        on-site in Oakland, CA. I was responsible for the Communications
        subsystems. All systems were accepted by the Navy ahead of schedule
        and under budget.
                            General Electric Government Services
                            P.O. Box 5902
                            Virginia Beach, VA
                            Supervisor:Gerald Berube
        Same as above, but these ships operated in the Atlantic.
                            US Air Force
                            20th Aircraft Maintenance Unit
                            George AFB, CA
                            Supervisor:Donnie Redl, Specialist Flight Chief
        Maintained and repaired Radar Homing and Warning and Countermeasures
        Dispensing equipment aboard F-4E aircraft.


    10/31/10   Axia College of University of Phoenix
                    Associate’s Degree in Information Technology / Networking
    03/00       New Horizons - Advanced HTML 4.0
    02/00       New Horizons - Intermediate HTML 4.0
    01/00       New Horizons - Beginning HTML 4.0
    11/94       NRI Electronic Circuit Design
    08/87       Mariner's Pathfinder Radar Operations and
    07/87       Analog/Digital Signal Conditioning Unit
    07/86       SURTASS Communications Subsystems
    06/86       Acoustic/Non-Acoustic Array
    05/86       SHF Satellite Communications
    04/85       Non-Commissioned Officer's Prep
    10/84       High Reliability Soldering
    09/84       Maintenance Data Collection System
    01/83       Electronic Warfare Systems Specialist (EBR328x3)
    07/82       Basic Electronics
    05/82       USAF Basic Training
    06/81       High School Diploma


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